What Follows a Commercial Property Assessment?

What Follows a Commercial Property Assessment?

By In Uncategorized On January 18, 2017

Typically, a written report will follow the assessment and this is commonly called the Property Condition Report or PCR. After it has been compiled, it will be delivered to the client in an agreed time frame.

In the report itself, notes will be provided as to any concerns seen, any repairs or further inspections that are advised, and compliance surveys according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For those who regularly purchase or invest in commercial property, they know just how important it is to hire a fully-qualified commercial building inspector.

When looking to buy a property, this is one of the costs that you don’t want to try and minimize just to save a buck. As long as you find a qualified, trustworthy, and reliable inspector (such as us), you can trust their judgement and move forward with the transaction or pull out with concerns.

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