Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging

commercial building thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Example

Infrared thermal Imaging inspections can assist building and property owners in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Northeastern Massachusetts. By identifying heat loss, moisture intrusion, electrical and energy related problems in buildings, infrared thermal imaging can save thousands of dollars in repair costs.

New England Thermal Imaging has helped many clients throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. Owning a building in Northern New England can be challenging due to our severe weather. Poor building practices over the last decade have produced buildings that are more susceptible to these weather conditions. Moisture problems along with heat loss/ ice dams top the list for problems to homes and commercial buildings in New England. Along with high energy costs maintaining a building can be expensive. We also offer energy audits with blower door testing for all of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and North Eastern Massachusetts.

At New England Thermal Imaging we are trained and Certified in Building Science Thermography. We know what to look for whether it’s a moisture intrusion problem, air leakage/energy issues or electrical concerns, and are able to determine if an anomaly is a valid issue. We have many years experience in the building industry in the fields of remodeling, inspections, new home construction and commercial property condition assessments. We take pride in our vast knowledge of how building components are brought together, add to that our experience in inspections and thermal imaging makes us the best choice.

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